5 Easy Ways to Look Professional

5 Easy Ways to Look Professional

  1. Avoid too many bright colours

Wear neutral colours like black, white, grey, etc. with a bright coloured blouse or accessory. You don’t want to look like you are going to a carnival.

  1. Wear natural make up

Wear makeup colours that make you look natural and fresh. Only make one of your face features pop which can be your eyes, cheeks or lips.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes

Don’t try to impress people by wearing the highest heels possible but can’t walk in, you will only be giving them a comedy show. Wear shoes that you are comfortable to walk in and are able to pull off.

  1. Wear your hair neatly

I know the messy bun is a trend but try not to wear it to work or meetings. Take time in the morning to do your hair neatly. You do not want to look like you just got out of bed.

  1. Wear decent clothing

You are not going to the club so do not wear clothing where you are giving the wrong impression.

By: Zelanda van der Walt

4 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

4 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Walk up Straight

Walking with a straight and up-right posture will immediately make you look more confident and self-assured.


Have a polite smile on your face when meeting someone, but be careful to not over smiling, as this can make you look a little crazy.

Talk Clearly

Talking to a stranger can be intimidating. Try to not mumble your words, but talk slowly and pronounce your words clear.

Look Interested

When starting a conversation with this newly met stranger, be interested in what they has to say. If you look bored you can come over as being rude and even annoying.

By: Zelanda van der Walt

4 Ways to look chic in a pants suit


4 ways to look chic in a pants suit



The most wonderful thing about being a girl is that we can play around with colour, don’t be afraid to go for a bold suit. Choose the best colour that will flatter you skin. Check out the *colours that would flatter your skin*



The best way to add that feminine touch is to wear a nice per of heels. The heels doesn’t need to be 8 inches high, even a small heel will do. Heel ways add that sexy, classy look to an outfit.



Instant of ALWAYS wearing a tie, we as girls have an advantage of accessorising our outfits, wear a statement necklace or a scarf to go with your suit don’t forget your statement bag to go with it.

The Right Fit

Choose a suit that fits your body, one that brings out your figure, you don’t want a suit thats hangs on you and you looking like a walking, talking hanger. If you get a suit that’s not your size, you can always get it altered to your size.



5 Styling Tips for a blue Peplum dress

5 Styling Tips for a blue Peplum dress

I choose this Blue Peplum dress to style and here are the styling tips below:

1. The gold neck piece balances the outfit, as blue is a cool colour and gold is a warm colour, when I mix the two it creates a balance to the outfit.

2. I then added a touch of red, the red shoes are the statement “piece” in this outfit. I opted to go for red as its a wild colour unlike normal black shoes.

3. The hand piece is just a little decor to the whole outfit, that is why I added a small piece and not a big or large hand piece.

4. With the clutch bag, I took this blue and black bag because it blends in with the outfit. It doesn’t create any unbalance in the outfit.

5. The gold belt is simple and classy, it adds onto the theme “gold”: Gold hand and neck piece.