About Us

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DIY Diva Academy is an online “DO It Yourself” female community written entirely by girls for career driven and entrepreneurial girls. Our community  cover topics from careers, entrepreneurship, fashion and lifestyle. 

The community is about empowering ladies through *Do It Yourself* Projects.  We serve as a career and entrepreneur launching point for all girls. 

To help the Diva succeed we provide her with, weekly newsletters, an online magazine, the Diva Shop and a Diva Manual.We make pink and being a girl powerful. 

Diva Clubs 

The Boss Lady Journal – girls build and start a magazine club. The Boss Lady Journal is ran like an organization, this club is for girls that are career driven, they get hands on career experience. 

 Learn More – Start your own magazine

The Diva Club is a networking club, girls meet up on a monthly basis to share career, business acknowledge. Within the club girls have fun activities that they do. This club is open to any girl.

Learn More – Start a Diva Club 

Our Aim:

Creating opportunities for young ladies to become leaders in their community by providing hands on business experience and workshops

The ability to build a stable club and business with great reputation and valuable connections

South Africa has the third highest unemployment rate in the world for people between the ages of 15 to 24, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risk 2014 report. This gap can be bridged by teaching our youth how to create stable, sustainable businesses.

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